Equity Share

EquityShare calculator

You need a minimum deposit of around 6.5% (9% for properties of £250K and above). If you leave Deposit blank, the calculator will assume you have 10%.

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Mortgage Brokers

We rely on mortgage brokers as one of our main routes to market.

Mortgage business has been sparse in the past couple of years and it is not made any easier by lenders offering more direct products.

But if you are turning clients away because they only have a 5% deposit, take a look at what EquityShare can offer. Our investors will put in 20% equity into a purchase, so giving the client access to 75% mortgages at preferential rates (3.49%). The average or blended cost of funds is 5.29%. With a larger deposit, this can fall to sub-5%.

Another advantage of EquityShare is that, at 75% margins, mortgage lenders are less fussy about credit. This means that deals can ripen which would otherwise be abortive.

We also offer equity release in a variety of situations, to people of any age, where they have built up sufficient equity to make it possible. Here we do insist on a buffer of at least 10% equitiy.

EquityShare Ltd pays a standard broker fee of £450. Terms offered for sub-broker arrnagements. We collect and pay into your bank account at completion.