Equity Share

EquityShare calculator

You need a minimum deposit of around 6.5% (9% for properties of £250K and above). If you leave Deposit blank, the calculator will assume you have 10%.

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Stamp duty

The stamp duty holiday is due to end on 23 March 2012. Regrettably, if you're a first time buyer, it's probably too late now to think of buying a property this side of the deadline.

However, the government could change its mind. It wouldn't be the first time. If it does, here are the rules that will affect you.

You won't need to pay stamp duty if (a) you are a first time buyer and (b) the property costs £250,000 or less. This can save you up to £2,500 and is definitely worth it if you can get it. Otherwise the rate of stamp duty is 1% for house purchases over £125k, then 3% up to £500k, then 4% over that (or 5% if the house is worth £1m+).