Equity Share

EquityShare calculator

You need a minimum deposit of around 6.5% (9% for properties of £250K and above). If you leave Deposit blank, the calculator will assume you have 10%.


Pensions FAQ

Q. Can pension funds (including SIPPs) invest in EquityShare?

A. Ordinary pension funds can. But if you have a SIPP, you can't use it to invest in residential property:

Q. Is there any way round this?

A. Yes. Through our sister company Niche Capital Ltd, we will invest you in commercial property.

Q. What is the tax effect of using my pension to invest in EquityShare?

A. As long as the fund remains invested (ie before drawdown), you don't pay any tax on the income or capital gains.

  So, if returns hit double figures (which is a possibility), the pension fund could double in value inside 10 years.